Justin Bieber, Snoop, Shakira And More Tweet About World Cup Final

Will.I.Am, Paris and Perez Hilton and others post excitement over Spain’s win over the Netherlands.
By Mawuse Ziegbe

Justin Bieber

Photo: Stephen Lovekin/ Getty Images

As Spain took home its first-ever FIFA World Cup win on Sunday, stars of all kinds took to Twitter to reflect on the final match of the global soccer tourney.

British songstress Estelle shouted out the Spanish team, tweeting, “Spain were…on dis ting!!!!! Congrats!!!”

Justin Bieber apparently enjoyed the matchup between Spain and the Netherlands, tweeting, “wow…SPAIN!! great game…nothing to be ashamed of.” The Spanish team may have reigned victorious but the Canadian teen showed love to the Netherlands as well. “True champions on both sides,” Bieber wrote.

Some stars shared their eager anticipation of the final match with their Twitter followers. Paris Hilton, who was still taking in the games after a run-in with local police over alleged marijuana possession, sent out a picture of an illuminated stadium before the match kicked off.

Will.I.Am tweeted his support for the Spaniards before the game: “Spain, please be victorious tonight against Holland…(Pay back for beating my Brazilian team).”

Three hours later, as “La Furia Roja” scored the winning goal in overtime, the Peas producer typed, “Vamos Spain…victory.”

Gossip-monger Perez Hilton tweeted a similarly succinct message, typing, “Olé! #ESP,” after the team walked away with the win.

Snoop Dogg, who has been active on his Twitter page about the World Cup hullabaloo, apparently wasn’t able to catch the game live and tweeted Sunday, “I land at 2:30 pm pst in Vegas need to watch the game when I get there. Hook me up wit the replay or download link for the game.”

The Doggfather apparently got a link hook-up and later tweeted a picture of himself onstage with the caption, “Live at the Pokerstars party in Vegas for WSOP and rockin the red n [yellow] spain jersey.”

Shakira, who brought her power-shimmy to both the opening and closing concerts at this year’s World Cup, tweeted a picture of her and South African native Charlize Theron in a post-game embrace with the caption, “With Charlize Theron celebrating at the end of the world cup!”

Nicky Hilton, who hung out in the African nation with her sister Paris, showed love to the first-time winners but also acknowledged the first-time host country. “Congratulations to South Africa for putting on a brilliant World Cup and being such an amazing host!”

Were you tweeting with your friends during the World Cup? Share your favorite reactions in the comments below.

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